How do I extend the size of a boot volume?

Servers in MyELITS must always have at least one storage device attached to them, this means that you cannot detach the boot volume from a server and extend it like you would do with a normal volume. Trying to detach a boot volume from an server will result in an error. But it is possible to extend the size of a boot volume without detaching it, for when you need more storage for the / partition on Linux, or the C: device on Windows, to do this you will need to use the Openstack command line tolls called nova and cinder.

To complete this task, perform the following steps.

  1. Shut off your server, in the web interface you can do this under Infrastructure > Servers > List Servers. Find the server and select "Shut Off Server" in the Actions drop-down menu.

  2. List your servers with the nova command.

  3. List your volumes with the cinder command.

  4. Change the volume status from in-use to available.

  5. Extend the size of the volume, the new size is given in Gigabytes.

  6. Change the volume status back to in-use.

  7. Start the server again and new the storage will be available.





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