Build an OS image from an ISO image

Upload the ISO file

Go to Infrastructure>Servers>Images and click Create image. Enter the ISO file's URL in the Image Source field, then click Create image.

(Remember that the download time of the image depends on the size of the image.)

Use the ISO installer

Go to Infrastructure>Servers>Images and click Launch

  • Server Name: A temporary VM name
  • Select Boot Source: Image.
  • Allocated: newly uploaded image
  • Then click Launch Server.

The VM will take a couple of second or minutes to start, depending on the size of the ISO file. Go back to the

List Servers page, once the VM is in Power State: Running, click on the Shut Off Server button for that server.

Once the VM is in Power State: Shut off, go to Infrastructure>Servers>Volumes and click Create Volume.

  • Volume Name: A temporary volume name.
  • Volume Source: Image.
  • Use image as source: newly uploaded image. 
  • Size: An appropriate size for the volume. 
  • Then click Create Volume.


Once the volume created, click Edit Volume>Manage Attachments for that volume

  • Attach to Server: Select the installer VM.
  • Then click Attach Volume.
  • The router-volume should show as Attached To.

Go to Infrastructure>Servers>List Servers and click Start Server on the server. Go through the required steps of installer. When the installer is complete, the VM will reboot and go to the installer's welcome screen.

  • Click on the Delete Server button for that server.

Go to Infrastructure>Servers>Volumes and click Upload to image for the appropriate volume.


  • Image Name: An appropriate image name.
  • Disk format: Raw.

You now have a reusable OS image.




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